How to participate in the Diggin' for Deals Antique Shop Hop

Does your shop qualify?

It's easy to participate but you must agree to the
5 Eligibility Factors and terms & conditions below...


- Business Type

Your shop must be primarily an antique or vintage store! This is an antique shop hop & we must stay true to this description.

Vintage Event & Flea Markets = antique mall, barn sale, flea market, pop-up vintage shop, seasonal vintage, an event with vintage vendors. More than 50% of vendors/inventory MUST BE VINTAGE.

The following types of businesses are not allowed (if you have any questions, please contact me first before registering): box stores, national franchise stores, non-profit agency-run shops such as Goodwill, Salvation Army, and St. Vincent de Paul, library book sales, hospital run thrift and/or community stores, crafts, florists or single specialty item stores (such as candles, jewelry store or soaps only), new furniture retail stores, jewelry stores, clothing stores, "store closings" or closeout/liquidations, etc., book stores, restaurants, cafes or other on-the-go food businesses.

Some exclusions apply, inquire for details.


- Active Facebook business page

  • Facebook

You must like the Facebook page Diggin’ for Deals Antique Shop Hop @digginfordealsshophop

You must join the Facebook Shop Hop Owner Group – Diggin’ for Deals

Your store must operate an ACTIVE and current BUSINESS Facebook page with at least WEEKLY posts and include photos in your posts. ACTIVE does not just mean you have a page--it means you post continuously on it. Our shop hop is structured to work by all participants marketing on their respective social media pages. It's simply not fair to those who commit to doing that by allowing others who only post once a month or less to take part!! If I find that your page is not active or current, your registration fee will automatically be refunded & you will not be allowed to participate. If you are a NEW shop, we understand that your page is growing & encourage all new shop owners to take part in the event. In fact, it's a perfect way to get the shoppers to know about you. If you need help getting started, let us know and we can help get your page going.


Shop Hop owners are REQUIRED to join the Facebook Shop Hop Owner page. This will allow for direct and easy communication during the shop hop. Questions or ideas can be sent to Lisa or Brisa on this page.


- Agree to promote the event on your page

As stated above, the event works when everyone gets involved, meaning you agree to post the official event flyer and/or online event on your Facebook business page several times prior to the event...including daily posts the week before the event. You shouldn't go into it thinking that my promotions will fill your store without YOU putting forth any marketing effort. YOU need to communicate your participation to your own followers! Encourage them to visit your shop that morning as the first stop on their road trip! Encourage other antique shops in your town to participate, then people are more likely to visit your towns and then your store!


- Agree to host an in-store promotion

You agree to "roll out the red carpet" for passport holders by creating an "in-store" promotion for the event. This can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. Offering special shop pricing and discounts, punch card promotions, food & refreshments, food trucks, live music and parking lot sales...& everything in between.

A simple 10% off sale is a great promotion (you can exclude items).
You must know which in-store promotion you will be offering at the time of registration as these will be included in the hopper passports.



Your store must be within the states of Iowa, Illinois & Wisconsin to be eligible. You must be open during the event dates of Sept 18th-Oct. 18th 2020, and we require at least three days a week from 10am to 5pm, Friday & Saturday, if not earlier/later hours and more days per week. You must include your store hours that you will be open at the time of registration.
You, of course, can open earlier and stay open later, but the minimum is Friday & Saturday during the duration of the shop hop.



Payment is due at time of registration
- $30 registration fee
- $10 gift certificate or cash donation for grand prize drawing winners

Shops can register at any time! 

Fliers will be available for free to print online from our Facebook shop owner page and the Facebook event is available to share now.



  1. Your shop, hours and in-store promotion will be listed on the official event website.

  2. Each participating shop will be placed on the passport flier with their in-store promotion as well as online on the interactive Google map of all the shops. PLEASE PROOFREAD BEFORE SUBMITTING THE FORM and make sure to include the SHOP ADDRESS and not your HOME address! Just search, ‘Diggin’ for Deals Shop Hop’ and all shops will show up in an interactive map. Your registration fee will be put towards online advertising of our Facebook event page as well as space on Instagram with our Diggin’ for Deals page. Please like and share these in order to get more followers! With the three states, we can reach an audience of at least 300,000 people!

  3. Every shop will benefit from local publicity and word of mouth generated, especially if other shops in your town/city participate as well. Encourage your neighboring antique stores to join in on the fun! We will be contacting local chambers of commerce and tourist agencies to spread word of the shop hop.

  4. We have official Diggin’ for Deals artwork and fliers for shops to use for promotion. Please feel free to share and print any media content from our Facebook page or group page or contact us for additional needs or for other questions. The Diggin’ for Deals artwork is being trademarked and is not to be changed, cut-apart, redesigned or transformed in any way. Please contact Lisa for tee-shirts, hats, bags or other promotional apparel.


Each store is required to donate $10 towards the grand prize drawings.
The total grand prize amount depends on

how many shops we have participating each year.
There will be grand prize winners to be drawn on Nov. 1st, 2020.
Each time a customer enters a shop they submit their ‘passport ticket’ which includes their contact information so it can be used in the grand prize drawing.

By registering, you agree to—

  1. join the Shop Hop owner page on Facebook and like the 'Diggin' for Deals Shop Hop' page

  2. promote the event on your business Facebook or Instagram page at least weekly leading up to and during the event

  3. create and know which in-store promotion you wish to use. You'll be offering specials they can't get any other time of the year. 

  4. pay a $30 registration fee at and fill out the form below with store information, hours of operation and agree to terms

  5. donate a $10 cash donation for grand prize drawing winners

  6. be open at least three days a week, including all Fridays & Saturdays during Sept. 18th-Oct. 18th. Shops are encouraged to be open all week long, but in order to participate in the shop hop, shops must at least be open during weekends

  7. be an eligible business within the state boundaries of Iowa, Wisconsin or Illinois